Bond Certified Experts are trusted hospitality experts and solutions architects. They're certified for their tactical skills and informed strategies, which often pair with powerful the latest technology available. Through bespoke implementation and personalised strategies, our experts help companies, teams, and individuals grow businesses around the world.
Chris Fletcher
United Kingdom
Mark Evans
United Kingdom
Kevin McCarthy
John Lingos-Webb
United States
Lea Jordan
Chris Alexandre
United Kingdom
Carina Martins Nakama
United Kingdom
Jasper van Litsenburg
The Netherlands
Dorian Minoret
United Kingdom
Dylan Firn
United Kingdom
Thibault Catala
United Kingdom
Nima Anvar
Renko Hermans
Szuszanna Albrecht
Meerbusch, Germany
Eddy Brosse (MBA, Glion)
Phuket, Thailand