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Firas Moolla
Intelligent Hospitality

Maeva Cifuentes
Flying Cat Marketing

We design and execute content-led SEO strategies to help B2B SaaS companies in traveltech and hospitality tech reduce reliance on paid ad spend, partnerships and word-of-mouth and build a revenue engine through content.

Tamie Matthews

The most fulfilling thing is watching a underperforming hotel go from scary low occupancy to 80% and have an owner be able to pay his bills on time and in full.

Niels Vanden Buverie

Digital native with a strong sales heart. Growing the business of Stardekk and so helping hotels, B&B's and restaurants having "More bookings and Less administration".

Peter Joehnk

I am a hotel-interior-designer since long time, and I am a founding partner of JOI-Design - a leading interior design studio in Europe with 32 employees (after Covid 19 - reduction). We design hotels from budget to ultra luxury, worldwide.

Daphne Beers
Daphne Beers Consultancy

I love to share my twenty years of experience in hospitality with hoteliers and their teams to help them grow. You can think of project management, strategy outlines, team trainings and workshops and performance advice.

Kevin van Grondelle B.V.

Permanently optimistic person with a strong opinion backed up with abundant knowledge and insight.

Oliver Rabe

Hospitality Enthusiast helping I help the hospitality industry with digitalizing Financial Planning and Management Reporting

Kayhan Kilit
k2c services d.o.o.

The first Mews Reseller/Partner in Germany. Building and assisting hotels and operators to explore , develop and automatize their process and help to create exceptional hospitality experiences.

Roberto Nino
Hotelea Consulting

Enthusiastic person with extensive experience in the hotel industry, currently leading Hotelea Consulting, an expert company in revenue management

Aiman Mouhal

I have spent 7 years working as an Innovation Manager for SMBs & Big Corporations (Groupe Accor, Groupe Bouygues Immobilier, Groupe Hopscotch,…)

Theresa Prins
Revenue Resolutions

Just longer than 2 decades ago I started a career in hospitality and for 3/4 of that time I have been focussed on Revenue Optimisation. I am a hands-on person and love seeing the impact and change that I can make for a property.

Quinten Gazendam

Andrew Dalby
ACT Studios

Erik Eklund
Connecting Humans

I believe in a world where we all feel seen for who we are and live a life we are proud of. Therefore, I encourage people to connect and do what they believe in with a balanced emotional, spiritual, physical and mental energy.

Mike Salazar

Curious builder. Focused on hospitality and smart building solutions. Have a speciality in new offerings and emerging technologies.

Adam Andrew Hayes
Hoot Hospitality

Hoot Hospitality is UAE-based collective of top restaurants & events. Officially formed in 2021, the company is a forerunner in its field, creating entirely unique atmospheres of upscale dining, luxe decor, marquee entertainment and highly

Ana Rita Loureiro de Carvalho

“It is only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform.”

Tomas Broucek

Business developer and Partnerships manager with many years of Telco, ICT, and for last 5 years hospitality and travel tech experience. Started my career in Telco, changed to ICT, then turned to an Investment manager and tech entrepreneur.

Ralph Melis
Insight Out Consultancy

Hotel industry professional with experience in management, sales, marketing, and operations specializing in B2C and B2B travel distribution.

Cristal Bukler

My entire life & work can be summarized in this quote: "It's all about empathy". I believe in empathy as a way to build meaningful relationships, both personal and commercial.Areas of interest? Research & Analysis and Tech in Hospitality.

Lea Jordan

Hotelnerd obsessed with all things smart hospitality and hoteltech - always learning, connecting and scouting, never not eating. Based in Berlin, Germany.

Maik Peters
Worth Internet Systems

Passionate about Product, Technology, Hospitality, Building Teams, Teal Organizations, Start-Ups, Music, Various Cuisines and Craft Beer & Microbreweries

David Millili

A seasoned technology, marketing and operations executive, David Millili, is recognized for his visionary thinking, hands-on management, and deep industry expertise.

Chelsea Waller

Looking after Partnerships & Integrations here at Criton. Get in touch for any questions you have about our Hotel Apps!

Pascal Nieuwenhuis

I'm a copywriter focused on hospitality businesses. Work and have worked with both hotels as well as hotel technology companies. SaaS, innovative and boutique concepts hugely interest me, and I love a good cocktail from time to time.

Thomas Landen

Data-driven hospitality marketeer with deep knowledge about integrations

Roeland Hermsen

Specialist looking for someone who might be interested in re-launching a group booking tool which was maybe a bit early presented some years ago but still has potential in a post covid travel business world.

Andrew Bailey
Billy Bob's Parlour

I am an extremely motivated individual who has set new benchmarks in the businesses under my control.

Léa Vernet

Growing the B2B partnership network and connectivity expert at D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

Pascal Schubert

We are all in the same boat, so why not work together to make it better.

Robin Bunnik / /

Alejandro Moreno

Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry.

Albert Ettinger
Azia Resort and Spa

International hotelier with extensive experience in developing the operational departments of hotels.

Erik Weller
EWA Consultancy

30 years of Hospitality IT experience

Pablo Torres
TSA Solutions

Hotel Consultant

Ana Claudia Hernandez Binz
Alebrije Consulting Ltd

Helping businesses improve the efficiency of their operations; achieve consistency; raise service standards & people performance; & increase their total revenue and sales.

Guy Gaash

VP Business Development & Strategic Accounts @Fornova

Heinrich Boehm
JOI-Design Innenarchitekten

I am architect, interior-designer and partner at JOI-Design. Our main focus lies on designing hotels from budget to luxury, but we are also active in serviced apartments, student and senior living as well as cruise ships

Leon Pijpers

Experience in growing hospitality tech companies, specifically targeting independent hoteliers.

Carlo Alvarez Spagnolo

20 years experience in Hospitality (TripAdvisor, Amadeus, eDreams OdigeO, etc). Now helping hoteliers discover the power of AI and deep learning to post guest experience.

Arnaud Loos
Hospitality Skills

I make it a goal to help hoteliers reaching their market segments through distributing their concept in the best possible way. Connecting and updating rates and availability with the right partners for a long term working strategy.

Saahil Karkera

14 years of experience working in the Netherlands and India building relationships, managing projects and optimizing business processes with a strong focus on operational excellence.

Joseph Mwangi
Profitable Hospitality Kenya

A hotel consultant with working experience in Kenya and East Africa. I do hotel architecture concept design,structural,Business plans and feasibility study,Hotel Project funding ,Location scouting and Hotel Operational advice.

Idoia Herrero
Asksuite / RaizUP

👩🏻‍💻Business Development for Travel-Tech🤝Team planning for Community based Organizations 🏨 Hospitality & OTAs experience💡RaizUP Spain Chapter Leader 🚀 AskSuite Hotel Chatbot...

Alexandru - Sorin Ionescu
Fivestar Hospitality

CONSULTING FOR HOTELS, TOURISM & LEISURE Capitalizing on a young hotel market, Fivestar Hospitality was able to build experience step by step eversince 2004.

Nick Teunissen

Commercial Director for IFHG, we are a revenue management company. I'm a relax and friendly guy with passion for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Nikolai Wullaert

Easy going and out of the box thinker, there's only one path and that's forward.Take your time to reflect on past events and learn from it.

Derreck Weterings

Strong focus on resolving connectivity challenges for hotels and hotel chains.

Joan Sanz

Helping hoteliers prepare for the future of Hotel Teamwork as a hybrid workplace. Build better Hospitality Team connections and communities.

Stephan Kohl
HQ revenue

The hospitalities complex landscape in operation and technology is my element and profession.

Agustin Ramirez

Over many years I have realized that an appropriate attitude and effort are the keys to achieving what we propose.

Emanuele Miano
MAT for Business

Benjamin Mueller

Humorous, Ambitious, Enthusiastic About Outdoor Sports. Becoming A Daddy Soon

Danny Benaderet
The Madison Melle Agency

The Madison Melle Agency is a multi-faceted creative studio & lifestyle consultancy, ideating and operating one-of-a-kind media, technology, hospitality, food & beverage, and real estate brands.

Leticia Serra Tavares
Hospitality Vitae

Letícia graduated from Harvard Business School and worked for five years at Marriott International as Director of Operational Excellence. Letícia has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate.

Diana Ness
Intin AS

Multitasking Project Manger delivering smarthome automation to simplify rentals. Experienced within the event- and travel industry. Loves technology!

Marius Mueller

happyhotel is a cloud-based hotel software specially designed for small and medium-sized hotels but it can be used by all hotel sizes. Hoteliers can achieve more revenue without a great deal of prior knowledge.

Andrés M.

I have dedicated my entire professional life to hospitality, a sector that I am passionate about and enjoy every day.

Angie Dobney
Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Angie builds cultures to drive profit. Thru implementing software and making organizational changes, she has helped hotels, resorts and casinos throughout the world achieve maximized growth.

Elisabeth Merceron

Active and optimistic, I love having new projects, finding the best solution and helping people.I also love nature, books, wine and food :)

Julia Varela Tarancón
Kraut Food Studio®

Food Innovation for a healthier and sustainable future | Trends expert | Brand Positioning | Nutritional Food concept development | Co-Founder Kraut Food Studio

Kevin McCarthy
McCarthy Consultancy B.V.

Holistic hospitality technology consultancy

Alexandre Mendonça
TD Hotels

The perfect balance between business and leisure.

Claudio Limacher

Hotel technology entrepreneur.

Andrew Cumming
Karisma Hotels & Resorts

Vacation Like You Dream It

James Davis

We have the Worlds largest online marketplace, consisting of 37k Hoteliers, mainly 4/5* independent boutiques. We have seen a huge increase in the need for tech, and can introduce you today to Hotel owners in market...

Adolfo Díaz Gramont
Hotels Conversion Up

Expert on business development of the digital world of the hospitality industry: Client-centric, focused in traffic acquisition, conversion, personalization, revenue management, online distribution & e-business strategies.

Regitse Rosenvinge

A storyteller by heart, I've been working with hotels and hospitality brands for a decade. My core expertise is producing high quality content as well as creating and executing content- and marketing strategies that work.

David Bulloch

Focus on how Global OTAs can move their business forward, sometimes it's by adding new content, sometimes by using our data consultancy to target commercial, product or marketing decisions and sometimes by moving onto our platform.

Sheila Krishnan
SK Consultancy

Roman Sytnyk

I have over 10 years of experience working in the hospitality industry. Currently, I work as Group Distribution Manager for VISIONAPARTMENTS products in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Poland.

Ari Andricopoulos
RoomPriceGenie AG

Background making trading algorithms, now using algorithms to help independent hotels compete.

Andrew Kark
Ethnic Technologies

Dynamic IT consultant with over 13 years of international experience consulting, leading and delivering successful projects and programmes.

Thomas Dieben
Becurious - Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

David Mate
SabeeApp Cloud Hotel Management System

Withing the travel sector I have specialized in digital technology for hotels. My primary goal is to help hoteliers simplify their work and maximize online revenue, allowing them to focus their efforts on true hospitality.

Alan Wilson
Six Regions Hotel

An accomplished Managing Director, CEO and Hospitality Consultant, with over 35 years of experience in building and revitalising businesses across hospitality, travel, holiday parks and entertainment sector.

Clément Auffan
Pace Revenue

Helping hoteliers to increase their revenue through dynamic pricings, deep science and reporting automation.

Anastassia Kravtsenko

Multitasking event planner at Oaky I love creating new experiences and feeling of community spirit! Chat to me about yoga and breath, ice-swimming, and travels!

Ajwad Hashim
Hotel Manager

I'm a technology enthusiast who loves building businesses, and solving tough problems. I'm a scientist at heart, and bring a lean, user-centric approach to product development and innovation.

Alfredo Lamadrid Alducin

Establish trust with the Industry, Communicate succinctly, Personalize their interactions, Dig into Details, Hospitality Technologhy Guru, Top Level Executive with history of working in the information technology, Hospitality, Retail and Se

Toby Urff
Impala Travel

Product builder with 15 years of hospitality and tech experience. Started my career at Hilton, worked for MICROS / Oracle Hospitality, at Hotel Reservation Service (HRS) in Germany.

Luz Alvarado

Peter Fenwick
KG&CO Hospitality

30 years’ in management in Hotel Operations, Hotel Projects, Hotel Development, Hospitality Advisory, Hospitality Digital Transformation and Aviation. International Brand Background.

Murtaza Rangwala

Adriana Savino
Grupo Escencia

Bilingual executive with 30 years of experience in the hotel and club sector, managing national and international operations in hotels such as Radisson and NH, among others.

David Ohandjanian
Up Hotel Agency

I'm a creative and friendly entrepreneur specialising in Hospitality and the digital space.I've run digital agencies for over 18 years and have a wealth of experience designing forward-thinking solutions.

Mario Clemente-Cejudo

eCommerce strategist. Curious by nature, relentless learner. Catalyst. MAKER. DJ-Music lover. Passionate husband & family man. Made with love in Spain.

Philipp Stelzer
HQ revenue

Revenue Management expert and vinyl lover

Abe Salam, CRME
Epic Revenue Consultants

Abe is a highly motivated and analytical leader with 15 years of experience in the scope of Revenue Management, Distribution and Business Development

Juliana Hahn
Hospitality Copywriting Solutions

Quentin Goubard

Positive vibes addict. Always up to meet new people. Multitasking marketer promoting check-in solutions which allow hotels and guests to focus on the creation of a memorable experience. #CheckinwithLove

Oliver Vinsant
Hotel Affairs Consulting GmbH

An open-minded person, who loves to get new insights and to look beyond the end of the plate. The focus of my work is on the individual life cycles of hotel real estate.

Erjon Gorani
HQ revenune

Passionate about hotel-tech, nature lover and espresso addicted.

Amanda-Jane Laryea
Thinking Cap Consulting

An experienced Commercial professional with a proven track record of succeeding in Pricing & Revenue Management in Travel, Hospitality and Global B2B Distribution.

Alexandra Grech
Ask Alexea

With a background in business innovation, luxury travel, hospitality and events, Alexea is known for making things happen on the island of Ibiza and around the world.

Jamie McBride

Hi there! I'm Jamie, Head of Marketing for For-Sight a Hotel CRM and Marketing solution for the Hospitality sector. Having started my career in the hospitality sector, as well as corporate meetings and events, I'm passionate about building

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