Direct Booking

Alessander Crotti

Elevating Hotels' Oneness by Leveraging Strategy, Advertising, Analytics & Distribution.

Paschalis Kalogeras

Analytical thinker and ridicuously honest. Client-centric with wide experience in the hotel online distribution landscape.

Pascal Schubert

We are all in the same boat, so why not work together to make it better.

David Millili

A seasoned technology, marketing and operations executive, David Millili, is recognized for his visionary thinking, hands-on management, and deep industry expertise.

Paula Carreirão
Asksuite Hotel Chatbot

Most Influential Hospitality Leaders: GLOBAL TOP 50 HOSPITALITY LEADERS by International Hospitality Institute. Content Marketing runs through my veins, Psychology is in my soul, and Hospitality is in my heart.

Cristal Bukler

My entire life & work can be summarized in this quote: "It's all about empathy". I believe in empathy as a way to build meaningful relationships, both personal and commercial.Areas of interest? Research & Analysis and Tech in Hospitality.

Yann Fruchart

Sales guy specialized in selling hospitality technology and services in EMEA

Renko Hermans
KeePConsult - Smart Hotel Solutions

Revenue management Expert

Robert Nienaber
RobertNienaber - RN

I help hotels grow their revenue and direct bookings through various online marketing systems and strategies. Namely, improving their website conversion rate and using best in class booking engines.

Theresa Prins
Revenue Resolutions

Just longer than 2 decades ago I started a career in hospitality and for 3/4 of that time I have been focussed on Revenue Optimisation. I am a hands-on person and love seeing the impact and change that I can make for a property.

Franck Leprodhomme

Reaching 43 yo, with about 15 years working in Hospitech. Both technical and tourism oriented, I enjoy spending time with properties in need of a little advice to improve performances.

Nima Anvar

I'm a hotel owner with over 20 years of experience managing two properties in the Caribbean. Have recently started a Hotel Tech Company called GuestChat, focusing on Direct Booking Tools for Hotels.

Nicola Seghi
QNT Simple Booking

more than 15 years experience in online hotel technology landscape.Deep knowledge of all products and technologies for Hospitality related to online sales, distribution and Digital Marketing.

Mario Clemente-Cejudo

eCommerce strategist. Curious by nature, relentless learner. Catalyst. MAKER. DJ-Music lover. Passionate husband & family man. Made with love in Spain.

Itai Gal
D Consulting

Robin Bunnik / /

Alexander Galarraga

We help independent hotels increase occupancy rates and reduce OTA commissions.

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