Paschalis Kalogeras

Analytical thinker and ridicuously honest. Client-centric with wide experience in the hotel online distribution landscape.

Christoph Irving

Hi, I am Chris and it is my great pleasure to e-meet you :) I'm the right guy to enable a meaningful, business-generating partnership between you and RoomPriceGenie.

Cristal Bukler

My entire life & work can be summarized in this quote: "It's all about empathy". I believe in empathy as a way to build meaningful relationships, both personal and commercial.Areas of interest? Research & Analysis and Tech in Hospitality.

Tomas Broucek

Business developer and Partnerships manager with many years of Telco, ICT, and for last 5 years hospitality and travel tech experience. Started my career in Telco, changed to ICT, then turned to an Investment manager and tech entrepreneur.

Guy Gaash

VP Business Development & Strategic Accounts @Fornova

Michael Enslin

I often seek out a challenge, and always see the glass completely full. What get's my up each morning is genuinely trying to help my team and our customers grow, and if I can't, learning how to.

Quentin Goubard

Positive vibes addict. Always up to meet new people. Multitasking marketer promoting check-in solutions which allow hotels and guests to focus on the creation of a memorable experience. #CheckinwithLove

Amona Kadiku

Global marketer / Austrian Nigerian / Dancer & Singer / Proud mum / Fitness & Yoga instructor / Powerhouse chameleon

Thierry Collard
OTA Insight

From The Netherlands and have been working for OTA Insight for over 4.5 years. Passionate about hospitality, tech, SaaS & startups. Enjoy sport activities & traveling.

Carlo Alvarez Spagnolo

20 years experience in Hospitality (TripAdvisor, Amadeus, eDreams OdigeO, etc). Now helping hoteliers discover the power of AI and deep learning to post guest experience.

Travis Henry

A former finance hotelier, I now develop partner relationships and build long term strategic alliances with extensive hands on experience within the Travel/Hospitality/FinTech/SaaS environments.

Erjon Gorani
HQ revenune

Passionate about hotel-tech, nature lover and espresso addicted.

Fabricio Titiro
Oracle Hospitality

Reach out to join the largest and fastest growing hospitality industry ecosystem!

Ruben Westmeijer
Bond Partnership

The matchmakers for Sales Partnerships in SaaS.

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