Ana Rita Loureiro de Carvalho

“It is only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform.”

Christoph Irving

Hi, I am Chris and it is my great pleasure to e-meet you :) I'm the right guy to enable a meaningful, business-generating partnership between you and RoomPriceGenie.

Jeroen Vaassen

I am a no-nonsense change-maker with a global mindset, working with hospitality brands and tech startups globally.

Alicia Dorget

I am working for Thais PMS, this is a french PMS which allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to rediscover their real profession!

David Millili

A seasoned technology, marketing and operations executive, David Millili, is recognized for his visionary thinking, hands-on management, and deep industry expertise.

Stephen Willms

Giving hoteliers the freedom to create their tech stack as they need it through our open API hospitality platform #killthemPMS

Leon Pijpers

Experience in growing hospitality tech companies, specifically targeting independent hoteliers.

Alysia Bruno
Premiere Advisory Group

We provide key services to help hotel operators and management companies maximize revenue and drive market share across all booking channels. Starting with an in-depth, multi-week assessment.

Tomas Broucek

Business developer and Partnerships manager with many years of Telco, ICT, and for last 5 years hospitality and travel tech experience. Started my career in Telco, changed to ICT, then turned to an Investment manager and tech entrepreneur.

David Mate
SabeeApp Cloud Hotel Management System

Withing the travel sector I have specialized in digital technology for hotels. My primary goal is to help hoteliers simplify their work and maximize online revenue, allowing them to focus their efforts on true hospitality.

Toby Urff
Impala Travel

Product builder with 15 years of hospitality and tech experience. Started my career at Hilton, worked for MICROS / Oracle Hospitality, at Hotel Reservation Service (HRS) in Germany.

Stephan Leuenberger

Tech and hospitality fan. Loves a tradeshow. Fun and trustworthy.

Isabel Cerdeira
Hub OS

Passionate about tech, customer happiness, automation and creativity - all together!In the hospitality industry, I'm fascinated by how technology can enhance the hotels' operations and guest experience.

Kayhan Kilit
k2c services d.o.o.

The first Mews Reseller/Partner in Germany. Building and assisting hotels and operators to explore , develop and automatize their process and help to create exceptional hospitality experiences.

Nick Teunissen

Commercial Director for IFHG, we are a revenue management company. I'm a relax and friendly guy with passion for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Delphine Juhel

ADAPTING TO THE NEEDS OF HOTELIERS AND OWNERS. These experiences and personal and professional encounters are what made me want to create a support company.

Kevin McCarthy
McCarthy Consultancy B.V.

Holistic hospitality technology consultancy

Maik Peters
Worth Internet Systems

Passionate about Product, Technology, Hospitality, Building Teams, Teal Organizations, Start-Ups, Music, Various Cuisines and Craft Beer & Microbreweries

Nicolas Horvath
NH Consulting

I resell solutions that bring value.

Fabricio Titiro
Oracle Hospitality

Reach out to join the largest and fastest growing hospitality industry ecosystem!

Joan Cortés Gómez

My diverse experience and in field expertise in Sales Planning, Marketing Planning, Key Account Development, and Process Improvement have allowed me great career growth.

Franck Leprodhomme

Reaching 43 yo, with about 15 years working in Hospitech. Both technical and tourism oriented, I enjoy spending time with properties in need of a little advice to improve performances.

Skander Gasmi
Honotel Developpement / Hub H

Working in the hotel industry I currently manage the data strategy of Honotel Developpement & HappyCulture hotels.

Marc Fries
agilotel consulting GmbH

Architect for digital hospitality ecosystems, designing and building platforms with different software. Helping customers worldwide from a small village in the Austrian alps. Investing 10% of my time pro bono helping hotels and startups

Jérôme Luraghi

Travel industry & Sports, looking after a link between those two I would say some people eat to run, I am part of the ones who run to enjoy tasting great food.

James Davis

We have the Worlds largest online marketplace, consisting of 37k Hoteliers, mainly 4/5* independent boutiques. We have seen a huge increase in the need for tech, and can introduce you today to Hotel owners in market...

Thibault Gence

Hotel tech enthusiast & digital transformation expert. Co-founder & COO @ Hotelhero- The software reviews & recommendations platform for hotels in Europe

Alicia Macanas

Andrew Dalby
ACT Studios

Quinten Gazendam

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