Danny Benaderet
The Madison Melle Agency

The Madison Melle Agency is a multi-faceted creative studio & lifestyle consultancy, ideating and operating one-of-a-kind media, technology, hospitality, food & beverage, and real estate brands.

Germinal Garcia
Garlan Consulting Group

Executive with more than 37 years of experience in 11 countries in thehospitality & hotel business. Born in Venezuela, Nationalities: Spanish,Venezuelan and residency in Mexico. Germinal is fluent in Spanish, English & .Portuguese.

Cristina Polo
Vertu Hotels & Resorts

I am a Hospitality consultant (Revenue, Distribution strategy, Sales) who has experience in EMEA. I support hotels, chains, and management teams.

Dhiraj Kumar

Certified Scrum Product Owner with 13+ years of working experience as Consultant, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Subject Matter expert for Travel and Hospitality,

Rafael Weißmüller

I am co-founder and CEO of happyhotel.happyhotel is a revenue management software for the hotel industry. We help hotels to generate more revenue with dynamic pricing.

Pascal Schubert

We are all in the same boat, so why not work together to make it better.

Oliver Rabe

Hospitality Enthusiast helping I help the hospitality industry with digitalizing Financial Planning and Management Reporting

Stylianos Bekyras

Thought leader

Sudhir Ghildiyal
SG Consulting

A Revenue Management professional with more than 14 years of experience specialises in travel technology, including CRS, GDS Marketing and Hotel Electronic Distribution.

Hendrik Jan Jenner
RevMax Hospitality

Total Revenue management is my cup of tea. For more than 25 years I am working in the Hospitality Industry. With Passion & Commitment, I believe great goals can be achieved.

Clément Auffan
Pace Revenue

Helping hoteliers to increase their revenue through dynamic pricings, deep science and reporting automation.

Jason Pinto
Pace Revenue

We founded Pace Revenue to change revenue management. No more guesswork. Results delivered.

Joe Griffin

We offer a digital solution for Hotels, restaurants & theme parks. A revenue-driven platform ensuring a smooth contactless experience for your guests.

Tamie Matthews

The most fulfilling thing is watching a underperforming hotel go from scary low occupancy to 80% and have an owner be able to pay his bills on time and in full.

John Lingos-Webb

Based in Boston, MA but love to travel more than anything in the world so don't hesitate to invite me to a meeting somewhere exotic! I've been working at Duetto for 3 years, recently promoted to oversee our partnerships. Please reach out!

Alysia Bruno
Premiere Advisory Group

We provide key services to help hotel operators and management companies maximize revenue and drive market share across all booking channels. Starting with an in-depth, multi-week assessment.

Xavier Cardenas
My Revenue

I am passionate and dedicated to helping companies in their digital transformation journey with my international experience as a DBA(c) Doctor in Business Administration from IE Business School, Master in Swiss Hotel Management School.

Arnaud Loos
Hospitality Skills

I make it a goal to help hoteliers reaching their market segments through distributing their concept in the best possible way. Connecting and updating rates and availability with the right partners for a long term working strategy.

Oguz Tuncbilek
YieldXpert Hotel Revenue Management Consulting

Passioniate commercial expert, supporting hotels to find hidden revenue growth opportunities by analyzing strategy, commercial setup, online presence. Owner of YieldXpert

Deon Wagener
Pace Revenue

Down to earth, people person and a no-bullshitter. I like to be able to get to the bottom of things in the most direct/fastest way possible as time is precious!

Yann Fruchart

Sales guy specialized in selling hospitality technology and services in EMEA

Karin van Rhee
Juyo Analytics

Connecting the (data) dots in commercial strategy for hotels! I'm passionate about sharing knowledge. Next to turning my knowledge in Revenue, Distribution, Commercial into a product that helps others to grow.

Guy Gaash

VP Business Development & Strategic Accounts @Fornova

Sascha Haiss

Trained and educated in Swiss hospitality and an international personal background, I work with my professionalism and my dedication to succeed with my team.

Sebastian Kuhnhardt

Passionate revenue management expert. Let increase revenue with data-driven dynamic pricing. Love football and good food.

Claudio Limacher

Hotel technology entrepreneur.

Renko Hermans
KeePConsult - Smart Hotel Solutions

Revenue management Expert

Michael Enslin

I often seek out a challenge, and always see the glass completely full. What get's my up each morning is genuinely trying to help my team and our customers grow, and if I can't, learning how to.

Francesc Gonzalez
The Net Revenue

Just a passionate in hospitality that is in love with Revenue Management. Gamer, father and wine lover!

Roberto Nino
Hotelea Consulting

Enthusiastic person with extensive experience in the hotel industry, currently leading Hotelea Consulting, an expert company in revenue management

Veit Meier
berner+becker revenue management

RM and Commercial expert - always looking for progress and fresh perspectives. Loves to mountainbike.

Nick Teunissen

Commercial Director for IFHG, we are a revenue management company. I'm a relax and friendly guy with passion for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Christina Jonsson

Expert within commercial revenue management focusing on 4 main areas of this; Revenue; Sales; Marketing & Guest

Florian Augustin
HotelParner YM

A dynamic and performance orientated person. Durable and persistent with an incredible passion for the Travel and Tech industry. High quality and customer orientated hands on person. Quick to understand and implement new trends and process

Carlo Alvarez Spagnolo

20 years experience in Hospitality (TripAdvisor, Amadeus, eDreams OdigeO, etc). Now helping hoteliers discover the power of AI and deep learning to post guest experience.

Marius Mueller

happyhotel is a cloud-based hotel software specially designed for small and medium-sized hotels but it can be used by all hotel sizes. Hoteliers can achieve more revenue without a great deal of prior knowledge.

Travis Henry

A former finance hotelier, I now develop partner relationships and build long term strategic alliances with extensive hands on experience within the Travel/Hospitality/FinTech/SaaS environments.

Robin Sleegers

A big Tech enthusiast! I jumped in the tech side of Hospitality right after (a bit during actually) graduating from Hotel School Breda. As a consultant for RevControl I assist hotels in Making their Revenue Management Easy!

Stephan Kohl
HQ revenue

The hospitalities complex landscape in operation and technology is my element and profession.

Robert Nienaber
RobertNienaber - RN

I help hotels grow their revenue and direct bookings through various online marketing systems and strategies. Namely, improving their website conversion rate and using best in class booking engines.

Philipp Stelzer
HQ revenue

Revenue Management expert and vinyl lover

Nicolas Horvath
NH Consulting

I resell solutions that bring value.

Ari Andricopoulos
RoomPriceGenie AG

Background making trading algorithms, now using algorithms to help independent hotels compete.

Theresa Prins
Revenue Resolutions

Just longer than 2 decades ago I started a career in hospitality and for 3/4 of that time I have been focussed on Revenue Optimisation. I am a hands-on person and love seeing the impact and change that I can make for a property.

Erjon Gorani
HQ revenune

Passionate about hotel-tech, nature lover and espresso addicted.

Edwin Leenheer

I have been in Hospitality for over 30 years and have extensive experience in distribution and Revenue Management.

Chelsea Waller

Looking after Partnerships & Integrations here at Criton. Get in touch for any questions you have about our Hotel Apps!

Joan Cortés Gómez

My diverse experience and in field expertise in Sales Planning, Marketing Planning, Key Account Development, and Process Improvement have allowed me great career growth.

Niki Van den Broeck
Get Into MoRe

A strong believer of data driven decision making in all areas of life, passionate about helping hoteliers give Meetings & Events a center stage in their commercial strategy.

Jérôme Luraghi

Travel industry & Sports, looking after a link between those two I would say some people eat to run, I am part of the ones who run to enjoy tasting great food.

James Davis

We have the Worlds largest online marketplace, consisting of 37k Hoteliers, mainly 4/5* independent boutiques. We have seen a huge increase in the need for tech, and can introduce you today to Hotel owners in market...

Dorian Minoret
Pace Revenue

I've left the hospitality industry to come back into it stronger! Helping hoteliers from all markets and areas to maximise their processes and revenues using Pace and my expertise

Diego Fernandez Perez De Ponga
Palladium Hotel Group

Im Diego Fernandez, Im actually Global Seniro Director Revenue in Palladium Hotel Group, a spanish company with more than 14.000 rooms arround the world.

Julia Rey

I'm a Hotel Revenue Manager specialist, now working in Content Marketing at Beonprice.

Tim Kolman

Started working at the front desk of a hotel in college... and with the exception of about 6 months (cosmetics retail during the holidays UGH) I have been in hospitality or hospitality tech ever since!

Jasper van Litsenburg

Currently in the final phase of my study in International Hospitality Management. My thesis is focused on the relation between online review scores and willingness to pay.

Roman Sytnyk

I have over 10 years of experience working in the hospitality industry. Currently, I work as Group Distribution Manager for VISIONAPARTMENTS products in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Poland.

Itai Gal
D Consulting

Firas Moolla
Intelligent Hospitality

Emanuele Miano
MAT for Business

Murtaza Rangwala

Christoph Hütter
Christoph Hutter

Sandra Fernandez
Fernandez Consultancy

Sheila Krishnan
SK Consultancy

Mariskavan Heemskerk
Revenue Management Works

Marco Eckes
Flemings Hotels

Adolfo Díaz Gramont
Hotels Conversion Up

Expert on business development of the digital world of the hospitality industry: Client-centric, focused in traffic acquisition, conversion, personalization, revenue management, online distribution & e-business strategies.

Thibault Catala
Catala Consulting

Thibault Catala, is the Founder of Catala Consulting, a firm based in London specializing in revenue management for hospitality businesses big and small.

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